Valentine - 21- She/her

I'm just a fanartist trying to spread love for the things I'm passionate about.
Places you can find me at are linked below! Check out my other pages for more info about me.


♥ Current main fixation: Digimon

I'm still relatively new to Digimon! I have always been exposed to it and had a passing interest but only recently took the time to play the games and WOW I love it <3

Mainly focused on the games and digital pets at the moment. Hope to get through the anime eventually!

♥ Other Major Interest ♥

✿ Pokemon
✿ Minecraft (Especially Modded Minecraft)
✿ Roblox (Especially Blox Cards. Check it out! I contributed quite a bit to it!)
✿ Plushies/Plush Collecting
✿ Tamagotchi/Digimon and Virtual Pets, Digital Pet collecting

♥ Minor Interest ♥
(Stuff I either used to be really into but not as focused on now, or just general things I enjoy)

✿ Megaman (Battle Network and Classic)
✿ Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons
✿ Animal Crossing
✿ Taiko no Tatsujin
✿ Nintendo Games in general
✿ Early 2000s culture (Especially emo/scene culture)
✿ 90s and 80s music
✿ Monsters, Cryptids and Yokai
✿ Furry OCs/Art and Fursuiting

Favorite Characters

Since I am a fan artist and active in fandoms, I figure I might as well drop a list of my favs so you get a good idea of the characters I will post about a lot!
Please do feel free to share art/content of ANY of these characters with me. I will really appreciate it <3

Click on their icons to be taken to their wiki page!

(Characters I love very deeply, and ship myself with!)

(Side note: Totally ok with (and even enjoy) sharing F/Os <3 Love these guys too? Hmu!)

(Characters I like romantically, but not to the degree of considering them a F/O)

Comfort Characters
(Characters I have a very strong, almost familial attachment to
Basically kins but I don't want to admit that)


What programs do you use?

I use a pretty wide variety!
Adobe Flash CS6: Animation and vector graphics. My flatcolor/cel-shaded commissions are done entirely in Flash.Paint Tool SAI 2: Used for most of my art, especially coloring. The coloring for complex shaded commissions is done in SAI.Clip Studio Paint: Occasionally used for more experiemental art, such as those that require special brushes or precise measurements/symmetry.Adobe Photoshop: Pixel art, adding text and touching up artwork, Non-Drawn graphics like the gifs I used to decorate this card!Libresprite (Asesprite): Pixel art

What's the best place to message you?

If you are just looking to chat with me, please use Discord! If you are inquiring about commissions or have other questions, Twitter DMs is fine.

Is Eisenhower your OC?

NO! I did not design Eisenhower! Eisenhower is a character from a game called Blox Cards, which is a game on Roblox. I just... really, really, REALLY like him.

The only characters I designed within Blox Cards are the following:
ArtemisErisyphiaChild of 2x2Eisenhower's ApprenticeThe Wanwood Dryad

Can I use/share your art offsite?

Yes! As long as you give proper credit and the artwork was not someone else's commission.
The only things that I forbid are using my art for merch/direct profit (Unless you commissioned it), or claiming my artwork/OCs as your own.

Can I tag you in a giveaway/meme/etc?

Yes! I will never be mad if you tag me in something. I generally enjoy tag memes and seeing giveaways anyway.

I see you say "SFW" in your bio. Can I follow even though I am a NSFW account?

You can. Just keep in mind that due to the fact I am a SFW account with minors following that my interactions with you may be limited. I strongly encourage you to interact with me on a SFW account, if you have one.

Also, don't take it personally but I do also often block NSFW accounts that post NSFW I don't want to see.